Healthcare Science

Sarah Liebelt

Rachel Yeargan

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Health Science Pathways

Healthcare is the largest and fastest growing industry in the United States. An estimated 3.6 million new health care wage and salary jobs will be created this year.

  • As a student, are you interested in your own health and wellness?
  • Do you have an interest in working with people who are injured or sick?
  • Are you interested in promoting wellness, sharing knowledge with others?
  • Do you want to join the exciting and growing field of medicine as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Doctor, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Physical Therapist, Pharmacist, Radiology Technician, or Athletic Trainer?


These are just some of the medical careers you learn about in the Health Science pathways while also developing basic medical skills such as taking vital signs, administering first aid, and CPR certification.

What are Health Science Career Pathways? HSP are classes that will help to open your eyes to the array of opportunities in healthcare. Whether you plan to continue your education through college or graduate from high school into a career, Health Science provides academic courses, relevant on the job clinical experiences and specialized technical skills you will need.

If Health Science sounds exciting to you, come to GICA and learn what career pathway is right for you.

 The Health Science Pathway classes include TWO required courses: 

Introduction to Healthcare Science- An overview of Health Science careers, employability, communication, technology skills, human growth and development, basic life support and first aid.  

Essentials of Healthcare- A medical-focused anatomy course addressing the physiology of each body system, along with the investigation of common diseases, disorders and

emerging diseases, prevention of disease, diagnosis and treatment, medical terminology and the opportunity to demonstrate technical skills.


Once the Required Courses are passed, choose one of the Advanced Classes to complete the pathway: 

Patient Care Fundamentals- This course is designed to provide students interested in the careers that involve patient care with entry level skills most commonly associated with the career Nursing Assistant. Students have the opportunity to participate in

hospital and other healthcare facilities experiences. Pre requisites include Introduction to Healthcare Science, Essentials of Health care, and an interview with instructor.


Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology- For those students who wish to pursue a career in healthcare with a focus on the musculoskeletal system, injury assessment, injury prevention, or rehabilitation including careers in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Services.


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