Soft Skills

Work Ethic

By definition soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.  Soft skills can be broadly applied across job titles.  Soft skills also encompass good writing skills, verbal communication skills, collaboration skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills and situational awareness. In short, they are good manners and personality traits needed to get along with others and build positive relationships.  

We are incorporating these skills into our curriculum in many ways.  We will be offering a brand new course during two blocks/periods of our school day.  This course will focus on teaching students the importance of soft skills and exactly how to elicit these attributes.  In addition, each of our courses includes a soft skill grade that counts for 20% of each students overall grade.  Our staff also prides themselves on displaying soft skills throughout each work day so that students can vicariously learn from our examples.  As a whole our faculty/staff focus on being professional, positive, peaceful and progressive.

Companies value such traits in workers because the capacity to speak and listen well, understand other points of view and respond appropriately and in ways that consider others feelings ensures that people can work well together in teams.  These skills also assure colleagues will be able to share ideas and respect each other in various work situations. 

Companies have found that employees that possess such skills and abilities not only produce better results for the business, they also create an enjoyable work environment.

We have had many businesses and community leaders visit our building and our students.  This is important so that our students can get an opportunity to hear the benefits of these skills from those that are currently working in the sectors that our students will one day be a part of.  Information can become over generalized when heard from the same group of people on a regular basis.  It would be a great investment in our community if businesses would allow time to come and show a live example of soft skills in action.  Although there may be some time lost at the office when sending personnel to GICA, think about the countless hours that will be saved when you receive personnel that have attained a quality understanding of soft skills.

Often times various community entities are soliciting for funding to support their programs or initiatives.  Although additional funding is always welcomed we would greatly appreciate just having local professionals visit our building and classrooms.  Our students learn a wealth of knowledge just from being in the presence of someone setting a good example.  If anyone is interested in setting up a visit or being a part of our soft skill presentation days please contact us at: 1-912-280-4000 ext. 4209 (Patty Overby- Principals Secretary).